Fife Club - Episode 60 - Season 4 - MOVIE REVIEW - Avengers-Infinity War - SPOILER HEAVY - Desert Island Dicks

This week the Fife Friends are back for a new Season and their 60th Episode.

To Celebrate they go in deep on a film review for this years biggest release so far Marvel's, Avengers : InfintiyWar.

SPOILER WARNING : If You’ve not seen this yet and don’t want spoilers then we suggest giving it a miss until you’ve seen it.

However if you do want to know what the Fife friends think of the film then come on in!

They then go out for a little trip and after a click of a finger they end up on The Desert Island of Dicks once again.

This week the friends discuss what Superhero item/paraphernalia they would take to the island with them to help them survive/be comfortable.

Want to know more, then jump on in and have a listen in the player below!

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Go on, you know you want to!!