Fife Club - Episode 58 - It's all rubbish and we are all doomed - Links Market - Desert Island Dicks - Special Wedding Edition

This week the Fife friends chat about how everything is rubbish and nothing matters.

They also discuss events in Syria, the oncoming Apocalypse and where they would go to baton down the hatches when things kick aff.

They then have a wee chat about solving world peace at the Links Market, Kirkcaldy.

The friends spend a little bit of time chatting about Metal heads camping and what happened to Sub Cultures.

The friends then Get trapped on the Desert Island of Dicks, but this time its a joyous occasion as we celebrate the Wedding of Dave & Jamie and like Harry & Meghan, we put together the guest list of those getting in and those getting stopped at the Jetty.

Who is in, who is out?

Listen in to the player below to find out.

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