Fife Club - Episode 59 - Season Finale - TESS - Single use Plastics - Fantasy Supermarket Sweep Fight Club

This week the Fife Friends Chat about Dave and Jamie’s Honeymoon and how married life is treating them.

Jamie Tells us all about a lovely lass called TESS who has just been sent off to space to looks at the stars all day looking for Planets.

They also have a chat about getting rid of single use plastics and what other ways can a single person make a change to the environment, Basically not very much.

Then As Fitting tribute to the death of Britain’s beloved Daytime TV star Dale Winton, We take a battle royale approach to the Fight club this week when we pit Gameshow presenters against each other in a Death match SuperMarket Sweep. Stick with us on this one.
Also Cutch Tells you all to go to The Coaltown Daisies Website and make a pledge to there new Album Campaign Listen! DO IT! THEY ARE SO CLOSE NOW!

Come on in and have a listen in the player below.

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