Fife Club - Episode 57 - Data mining - DPD Fail - UFC madness - Common Wealth - Fantasy Fight Club - Scottish Comedians Edition


Cutch's audio quality ain't that great for the first 20 or so minutes as for some reason, his Mic didnt work. Stick with it, we did some magic to make him understandable, it's worth it for a great wee episode!

***End Disclaimer***

This week the Fife friends discuss Facebook's issues with Data mining, How DPD failed to send an apology biscuit to Cutch, Crazy antics from Conor Mcgregor before UFC 223 and a brief chat about the Commonwealth Games

Then the Friends enter the Nononagon once again to pitch some Fantasy Fights. In honour of Limmy's Home Made Show coming to the BBC, we chuck a bunch of Scottish comedians into the mix to see who comes out on top.

Billy Connolly Takes on Fred MacAuley

Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill v Jerry Sadowitz

Des Clarke v Brian "Limmy" Limond

Kevin Bridges v Ricky Fulton

Plus a 4 way Death Match between :

Rhona Cameron v Frankie Boyle v Danny Bhoy v Susan Calman

Who wins? Listen in to the player below to find out!

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