Fife Club - Episode 56 - Local Stuff - Fife Circle Pub Crawl - Easter Facts - Desert Island Dicks

This week the Fife Friends go local and chat about some of the things going on in west Fife over the next we while.

Cutch tells us his tale of woe about the dangers of Cats and Sheds.

The friends have a chat about the Fife Circle Pub crawl as suggested by the Scotsman and whether the pub descriptions match up with the pubs involved!

Finally the Fife pals head out on to the waters for a lovely canoe trip down the Spey, but loan ad behold, they hit a bad current and end up trapped on that burger flippin Desert Island of Dicks.

The guys discuss what National days they would create to lift morale on the island!

What days do they open up for the populace?

Listen in to the player below to find out!

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