Fife Club - Episode 55 - Russia Special - Fantasy Fight Club

This week the Fife friends go very topical and bring you a special all about Russia. We talk about the recent Russian Presidential Election, the Nerve agent poisonings in Salisbury and how Russian Politics sort of work. It’s quite serious chit chat this week. 

However don’t despair, Things get silly once we step into our Russian Nonagon for a lovely little Fight Club with a Russian Theme.

First up Mark chucks in Chess Grandmaster, Garry Kasparov a pits him against Rocky villain, Ivan Drago.

Mags then gives us a pair of Russian Drug Cheats when she pits Tennis “Ace” Maria Sharapova against Curling’s Alexander Krushelnitsky.

And Jamie goes Real world MMA Style with UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov v Captain Russia himself, Vladimir Putin.

Finally Cutch gives us a classic fight for the ages. Sean Connery’s James bond, Scourge of the USSR v Sean Connery’s very Russia Submarine Captain, Marko Ramius.

Want to know who wins? Listen in to the player below and enjoy!

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