Fife Club - Episode 53 - Dunfermline ComicCon Cancelled - Raptors - Fife Whisky Fest look ahead - Desert Island Dicks - Spy Edition

This week the Fife friends chat about the fact they are not at Dunfermline Comic Con, thanks to the #BeastfromtheEast causing it to be cancelled. The friends let you know what you can do to help the organizers, Little Shop of heroes, out and discuss how amazing it has been to see the community pull together to help them with the financial implications. 

The friends also have a bit of ramble chat in which we talk Britain First judgments, Golden Eagles and Raptors amongst other things. 

Looking forward to the Fife Whiskey Fest on Saturday, the friends discuss who's going to be there and what they are excited to be trying! 

Finally they once again find themselves on the Desert Island of Dicks and this time they discuss what Spy related stuff they would bring with them. 

Want to know what they bring? 

Then have a listen in the player below!!

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