Fife Club- Episode 50 - Valentines Special - KFC Fan Fic - Ordnance Survey - New Irn Bru Taste Test Club

This week the Fife friends Get all lovey dovey for Valentine's day! So lovey dovey that Cutch reads out some KFC inspired "romantic" fan fiction that was sent in by a Fife fan! 

Warning, things get pretty Steamy. 

The friends then chat about Unexploded WWII Bombs in London and then have a we catch up on all the Fun at the Winter Olympics.  

Finally Instead of Fight Club this week, The friends decide to put new Recipe Irn-Bru to the test, with a Blind taste testing to see if they can tell the difference not only between old Bru and new Bru, but also Suger Free and Xtra! All the flavours! 

Want to find out who has a perfect palate and who couldn't tell the difference between a cookie and coaster? 

Listen in to the player below to find out!

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