Fife Club - Season 3 - Episode 40 - Dave's London Palaver - Brexit Woes - Fantasy Fight Club

This week the Fife Friends are back after a wee break And are ready to entertain you! 

Dave tells us how he's a rubbish thirty year old and how he's a big scardey cat after his recent trip to London. 

We then talk about current Brexit woes and how to fix the economy for our future selfs! Exciting stuff! 

Finally we take the walk to the Nonagon for a Fantasy fight Club that see's Porridge V Museli, Arleen Foster V Theresa May and The headline fight of the night, Giving Storms Names V Just talking about it being Windy, guess who came up with that one Fife Fans? 

Want to know who wins, then give us a listen in the player below or on iTunes or your favourite podcast app as Fife Club!