Fife Club - Episode 43 - Little Shop of Heroes - Fantasy Fight Club

This week the Fife friends, Cutch and Jamie, visit their favourite emporium of comics, pop culture and general Geeky memorabilia, The Little Shop of Heroes on Dunfermline's Maygate. 

The guys chat with the stores proprieters Alby and Lou about the many ups and downs of running a business in the town and the successes they've had in setting up Dunfermline's very own Comic-Con!

Finally Alby joins us in a Fantasy Fight Club where Audrey (Lou) and Seymour (Alby) take on Audrey II, Barry "The Flash" Allen v Peter "Quicksilver" Maximoff and Captain Caveman V Dr. Manhatten. 

Who wins? 

Listen in to find out!

JUST SO YOU KNOW : A little fruity Language is used here and there.

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