Fife Club - Episode 36 - Mags and James have BEEF - NewsRound - Fantasy Fight Club

This week the Fife Friends are feeling a little Awkward as Mags confronts James about his Beef with her.

Once that's dealt with The friends try a little bit of structure and each bring a news story to the table that they found interesting.

Mags tells us about the actual Fracking Ban, Cutch tells us about A woman who got a private flight for £48, James discusses Harvey Wienstein and Jamie tells us about the Bins and Mushrooms in the local woods.

We also take a trip to the Nonanagon for a fabulous Fantasy Fight Card. Dracula V Wolfman, Tom Cruise V Tom Hanks, Nigella Lawson V Kirstey Allsop and Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) V the actual Sargon of Akkad

Who wins?? Listen in to the player below to find out! Alternatively you can get us on iTunes or your Favourite Podcast app by searching for Fife Club.