Fife Club - Episode 27 - The Defenders - James in the Fringe - Tipsy Cow Review - Dessert Island Dicks

This week, the Fife friends are out on a wee jolly down the forth in the good ship "Fife Club".
They discuss Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix and try to give spoilerish free thoughts on it.
James Tells us about his experience of being a part of a Fringe show and Mark gives us a review of the Tipsy Cow in Kirkcaldy.
The friends also give their final predictions on the freak show Fight of Mayweather v McGregor ahead of the fight on Saturday.
Finally, the friends get themselves in a bit of bother after hitting some turbulent seas... where do they end up?
Have a listen to find out and see what amazing lengths of wordplay the Fifers will go to for some content!

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