Who are Fife Club?

Heylo Fifers!

Welcome to Fife Club, Scotland's Premier Fife based podcast, where a bunch of thirty somethings from the glorious Kingdom of Fife chat about anything and everything that takes their interest, putting their world to rights.
Every week we rotate our two favourite features, Fantasy Fight Club and Desert Island Dicks. Want to find out more about our features then have a look at the individual sections on the home page.
So, around the Fife Club Mic most weeks are : 

Craig McCutcheon

Customer Care Keyboard Warrior, Producer/Editor Supreme, All round alright Person.

Aye, So I'm a Keyboard Warrior dealing with Customer care in my day job, but outside of that I become Fife Club's Producer/Editor supreme for approximately how long it takes to record, edit and publish this thing here that we do. 

Husband to a Wife, Pawrent to two ginger Moggies and a Tort, hailing from Rosyth.

Often to be found on the west coast of Scotland sookin' up the scenery.

Fife Club was born out of a need to create something instead of just consuming all the time and with the help from my Wife gifting me a Super duper Mic at Christmas and the support of Jamie and Mark, we did something that... I think we're sort of proud of! I just hope that if you pick this podcast upthat there is something for you that will make you want to come back time and time again.  


Jamie Brown

I’m a lover and a fighter and terrible at both. I met all my fellow Fife Clubbers through school/the pub (at school age). Maybe that’s why listening to Fife Club is like hanging out with us at the pub but without the soothing distraction of alcohol.  

Would count myself as a space/MMA/music/anthropology/politics/scifi enthusiast, hater of cephalopods and Andrew Carnegie, and fountain of useless knowledge. I’m a...rotund, ahem, ginger guy with a beard who likes long walks in the woods (WHAT OF IT?) while listening to my favourite podcasts/audiobooks.

Cutch does all the work for Fife Club and i just turn up and have a blether. Wasn’t sure about doing a podcast at first but really happy Cutch asked me to be a part of Fife Club. Now you too can join us in hiding from the pain of existence via laughter, listen to Fife Club!


Mark L. Penman
A.K.A The King of Fife / Penfold / Penmania

Lobbyist, spin doctor, misanthrope and controversialist. Political jack of no trades and master of even less. Styles himself somewhere between sport loving man of the people and gin drinking art ponce. There was a scarf phase. An eloquent swearer, he’s Fife Club’s most consistent ranter, although his raving days are well behind him. Formerly of London, now on a bus somewhere between Fife and Glasgow. Slowly morphing into a less Jewish version of Toby Ziegler - spiritually and physically. Buy him a vesper martini and he’ll tell you a story about how he almost met someone famous once, but didn’t because he couldn’t be arsed. Floats like an ewok, stings like a tree. Loves communism a bit too much.        


Ep 3 -18. Once Co-host of this here great podcast, decided to go out into the wild and build himself the ultimate Wickerman.

Protocol Angus Deayton Co-Hosts

(AKA the rotating Co-hosts that filled the Beattie sized gap in the show)


Mags Hall Political multi-tasker, food sovereignty activist, generally a judgemental person.

When I was 15, if you had told me I would be back living in Dunfermline in my 30s, still friends with this bunch of wierdos, I would have cried painful tears of regret. But it’s not that bad really.

They let me out the house once every three weeks to speak to the public, and sometimes they even trick me into making cake too.

I own the token vagina for the podcast, though I am yet to get a date for my special episode on periods and shopping. People often tell me I’m too loud so podcasting is the perfect medium for me as Cutch can alter my audio to bearable levels. I will often repeat things I’ve heard on Radio 4 to make me sound extra interesting.

Campaigning for fewer Kirkcaldy-ites in the Fife Hall of Fame.


James McIvor Actor, Procrastinator, Custodial Fifer. Dunfermline-based Theatre and Voice actor, who has and will act for scraps of food (please...I am hungry). James has had the fortune of performing in theatres productions, Radio Dramas and podcasts all round the country and beyond. Recent podcast features include presenting and producing the 'Saturday Night Shoot Wrestling Podcast' and appearing in the Radio Drama 'Dead Ends'. James got the role of last possible choice for Protocol Angus Dayton when he shared his fandom of the podcast with the cast...and then just wouldn't go away, instead sleeping on the porch of every recording session until they, begrudgingly, let him in. Being an avid pro wrestling fan & Podcaster, James knows what it takes to give the fans what they want when making a Fight Club battle that will not only entertain but shock, disgust and horrify in one fell swoop - much like a Friday night club sesh in Life. If reading his 3rd person-style doesn't make you think he's a complete wanker then the rest of the Fife Club bunch will gladly put you right.... could be worse though, he could come from Methil.


A former music nazi who does a thing and knows where you live. A sort of born and bred Fifer with a Geordie heritage... So almost the worst of both worlds. I was brought on board as act 3 sect 24 of the Angus Deayton protocol which is absolutely fine by me as any opportunity to get on Beattie's nerves is an opportunity I'll take. I'd like to think that i have wide and varied vocabulary and yet the moment that i am presented with a microphone I resort solely to swearing and insulting my fellow Fife Club members. I've recently discovered that 85% of the images of me on social media were taken whilst I had a drink or an empty glass in my hand which explains an awful lot. My parents have always said that I have a face for the radio so lets hope that im finally making them proud. Whilst Mags may own the token vagina on this podcast, I am the token fanny